Foundry Technology Center

  • Medium frequency induction crucible furnaces

    30 kg & 150 kg Eisenguss bzw. 10 kg & 50 kg Aluminiumguss

  • Treatment and casting ladles

  • Heat treatment furnaces up to 1200 °C

  • 3 Shaft Sand Mixer with Compressor Table

  • Thermal analysis

  • Spark Emission Spectrometer (OES)


    SPECTRO's portable, mobile and stationary spark spectrometers operate according to the principle of optical emission spectrometry (arc spark OES or spark OES). In the spark stand, sample material is vaporized by an arc or spark discharge and the released atoms and ions are excited to emit radiation.

    Through a direct light path or fiber optic cable, the emitted radiation is directed to the optical systems where it is decomposed into individual spectral components. Of the numerous wavelengths typically emitted by each element contained in the sample, the most appropriate line for the application is measured using a CCD/CMOS or PMT.

    The radiation intensity, which is proportional to the concentration of the element in the sample, is processed internally and compared to calibration data stored in the instrument and output as percentage concentrations.(Source)

    Available material bases: Fe, Cu, Al, Mg