Neutron scattering at large scale facilities (access by proposal system)

Neutron reflectometry, AMOR (Paul Scherrer Institut, Schweiz)

Neutron reflectometry, V6 (Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin)

X-ray scattering at synchrotron facilities, BM20 (ESRF, Frankreich)

X-ray diffractometry, including thin film analysis (D5000, Bruker)

Ion beam analysis

Secondary ion mass spectrometry(CAMECA IMS 3F/4F)

Thin film deposition

Glove-box ion beam sputter unit (IBC 651, Gatan)

Furnace lab

Rapid Thermal Annealing

Vacuum furnaces

High temperature furnace (up to 2200 °C)


Electron microscope with EDX

In-situ resistivity measurements

Potentiostat mit EIS

Glove-box (< 0.1 ppm H20, O2)

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