In past decades all branches of the industry have experienced reorientations, layouts or new beginnings. Causes for these processes were far-reaching technical innovations, social changes or external influence like the energy crisis of 1974. The computer engineering and the informatics have entirely changed the terms of employment for everything and the working methods for many.

In this time rich in tension the metallurgy of one in the preformance has itself oriented in a many-faceted, high-class-certain industrial branch changed. The technical innovations whirl layer technology, melting process of suspension, oxygen metallurgy, strand casting, glaze reduction are marked by a huge increase of the energy stream density. The solvent extraction and the secondary metallurgy are examples of procedure with extremely effective reaction selectivity. Selectivity of reactions and transport mechanisms are also the bases for the production of semiconductors and metallic substance. The education of structures and phases as well as the distribution of alloy elements and accompanying elements (Seigerungen) determine the quality of downpour products. Their controlled control is from basic meaning for the foundry as a prototype technology. In the material technology warm treatment and reshaping have come a narrow symbiosis to the advantage of a far improved quality profile, e.g., from ferritischen and austenitischen steels. Today the procedures of the material reshaping stand under the point of view of the highest manufacturing exactness and the specific setting of qualities specific for material.

The technical development was accompanied by progress in the scientific metallurgy: Quantitative thermodynamics of the reactions and mixing phases, heterogeneous balance and alloy constitution, reaction mechanisms and microkinetics, the inclusion of the current mechanics in the metallurgische process technology, the theory and reality of the solidification processes, the understanding of the forming processes on the base of the modern theorie of plasticity. Today there stand the modelling and simulation of metallurgischer processes, the procedures of the recycling of metals and alloys, the development of functional materials for the highest demands in the centre of the research on the area of the metallurgy and conversion technology.

Metallurgy - a future-oriented technology and an amusing research field


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