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Biological applications

Reggente M, Masson P, Dollinger C, Palkowski H, Zafeiratos S, Jacomine L, Passeri D, Rossi M, Vrana NE, Pourroy G, Carradò A (2018) Novel Alkali Activation of Titanium Substrates to Grow Thick and Covalently Bound PMMA Layers ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 2018, 10 (6), 5967–5977 DOI:10.1021/acsami.7b17008

Reggente M, Natali M, Passeri D, Lucci M, Davoli I, Pourroy G, Masson P, Palkowski H, Hangen U, Carrado A, Rossi M (2017) Multiscale mechanical characterisation of hybrid Ti/PMMA layered materials Colloids and Surfaces A, 532, 244-252,

Reggente M, Bonafede I, Pourroy G, Carrado A, Palkowski (2016) Fabrication of hybrid Ti/PMMA materials for skull prosthesis reconstruction. Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology 4 DOI: 10.3389/conf.FBIOE.2016.01.00686

Carradò A, Palkowski H (2014) Interface and in bulk residual stress analysis in biomedical systems by non-destructive techniques. Surface and Coatings Technology, Vol. 243: 10–14. DOI:

Harhash M, Carradò A, Palkowski H (2014) Lightweight titanium/polymer/titanium sandwich sheet for technical and biomedical application
Titan/Polymer/Titan Sandwichbleche für technische und biomedizinische Anwendungen
, Mat.-wiss. u. Werkstofftech. , 45, 12, DOI:10.1002/mawe.201400356

Carradò A, Pourroy G, Rimondini L, Palkowski H (2013) Sandwich material systems: A solution for medical applications? European cells & materials, Vol. 26: 85.

van Le Q, Cochis A, Rimondini L, Pourroy G, Stanic V, Palkowski H, Carradò A (2013) Biomimetic calcium–phosphates produced by an auto-catalytic route on stainless steel 316L and bio-inert polyolefin. RSC Advances, Vol. 3: 11255. DOI:10.1039/C3RA23385E

Palkowski H, Stanic V, Carradò A (2012) Multilayer Roll-Bonded Sandwich: Processing, Mechanical Performance, and Bioactive Behavior. JOM (The Journal of The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society (TMS)), Vol. 64: 514–519.  DOI:

Carradò A, Palkowski H (2010) Microstructural and Mechanical Investigations on Porcelain-Fused-to-Metal in Multilayer System. Advanced Engineering Materials, Vol. 12: B122–B127. DOI:

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