Here, the Institute of Metallurgy of the Clausthal University of Technology would like to introduce itself. The institute evolved from the merger of the following three institutes in October 1999:

Institute of General Metallurgy,
Institute of Ferrous Metallurgy and Foundry,
Institute of Metal Forming.

The motivation for the concentration of these metallurgical institutes into one arose not only from the necessity to accommodate for the changing demands emerging from industrial and political groups. The merge also made it possible to offer clearly structured tuition and perform cutting-edge research through the close cooperation and combined resources of the individual fields. The Institute of Metallurgy is now made up of the following five research fields:

Thermochemistry & Microkinetics,
Extractive Metallurgy,
Process Metallurgy,
Foundry Technology,
Metal Forming & Processing.

These Research fields are each managent by Professors and are supported by an analytical chemistry laboratory and a metallographic laboratory as well as a well equipped workshop. Scientists from around the world consequently benefit from these ideal conditions for their research work and students are offered a diversified but carefully structured course which is at a high academic level while retaining a close industrial link.

The institute aims to serve the science of metallurgy with the motto:

Industry Orientated Tuition and Research.


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